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Aamir Khan in Nepal to Attend Ten-Day Vipassana Meditation Program

Get the latest news about Aamir Khan's meditation retreat in Nepal. Hindi cinema's mega superstar takes a break from films to focus on mindfulness.

Bollywood star Aamir Khan is in Nepal on a personal trip to take part in a ten-day vipassana meditation course at the Budhanilkantha Vipassana Meditation Centre, which is around 12 kilometres from Kathmandu. On Sunday morning, the 58-year-old actor flew with Vistara Airlines from Mumbai to Kathmandu. The programme, which started on Sunday, was confirmed by a member of the meditation centre's staff. 

In August 2022, the film "Laal Singh Chaddha," in which Aamir Khan last appeared, was released. After the movie's box office flop and the film's poor reviews, Aamir declared he would take a hiatus from acting. The actor has not yet disclosed what his upcoming project would be. 

Aamir Khan is well-recognised for his commitment to discipline and hard work in his personal life. He also practises Vipassana meditation, which aids in his ability to maintain a serene and tranquil frame of mind. Through self-observation and self-awareness, the ancient technique of vipassana aids practitioners in achieving self-realization and inner serenity. Aamir Khan's decision to participate in the meditation programme in Nepal is thought to be a result of his efforts to reenergize and reestablish contact with his inner self. 

Finally, Aamir Khan's trip to Nepal for a meditation programme is an individual initiative to re-establish a connection with himself and find inner peace. The celebrity is known for his devotion to Vipassana meditation and his choice to take part in the programme demonstrates his dedication to preserving his mental and emotional health.