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Adil broke silence on Rakhi Sawant's allegations, said- 'I don't want to become Sushant Singh Rajput'

Adil Khan's Reaction On Rakhi: Adil Khan has finally broken his silence on Rakhi Sawant's allegations, he wrote a message on his Instagram account that he does not want to be Sushant Singh Rajput.

Adil Khan, the husband of the famous Indian personality Rakhi Sawant, has responded to her recent accusations against him in front of the media. Rakhi had accused Adil of cheating and warned the media against supporting or interviewing him. However, Adil has now broken his silence on the matter through an Instagram story.

Adil explained in his story that he remains silent about Rakhi's accusations due to his respect for women and his religion. He further wrote that if he were to speak out about the situation, Rakhi would not be able to say anything. Adil added that Rakhi constantly accuses him in front of the media in order to discredit him. He also made reference to the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, stating that he does not want to be in the same situation.


Adil also wrote that he was the one who provided Rakhi with her current lifestyle. He explained that despite her claims that she came to Mumbai with only one rupee, it was his support and generosity that allowed her to live comfortably. Adil went on to claim that Rakhi had asked the media not to cover him so that he would not be able to speak the truth about their relationship.

'I gave lifestyle to Rakhi'

This statement from Adil has caused curiosity among the public, who are now eager to know the truth about the relationship between Adil and Rakhi. However, it is important to note that this is a highly personal matter and only those directly involved have access to the full details of their relationship.