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Ankush's illegitimate son is coming to claim property, Maya will take younger Anu away

Anupamaa Written Update: In the famous TV serial 'Anupamaa', there is going to be a lot of ruckus on Makar Sankranti. A girl named Maya is about to enter Anuj Anupamaa's life.

In the TV show 'Anupamaa', you have seen so far that Anupamaa's mind has become nervous after hearing Baa's curse. She is repeatedly praying to God that her family should be safe and sound. But soon 'Maya' is going to wreak havoc in Anuj's life and on the other hand, the illegitimate child of Anuj's brother Ankush has also been revealed. Amidst all these storms, how Anupamaa manages to handle the reins of her house will be a matter to be seen.
Ankush's illegitimate son
You will see this in today's episode. Anuj Anupamaa will be very surprised to know the truth about Ankush, Barkha will tell that Ankush has a 15-year-old son. Barkha said that earlier she had no problem but now she wants to bring her illegitimate son into the house and she has a problem with this. Anupamaa will ask Barkha that why she tolerated all this, on this Barkha will say I have no one, where would I go, so I have compromised with the situation. Ankush says that he had given the option of divorce to Barkha but she did not give divorce. Ankush further told that the girl did not ask anything from him to date and his son also kept demanding nothing to date. His son wants to spend time with him so he wants to bring him to this house. Ankush will say that his son will come and he will stay in this house.

There will be a fight between Vanraj and Kavya
An argument starts between Kavya and Vanraj regarding her director. Vanraj and Baa start narrating to Kavya. After listening to Baa's bitter words, Kavya will question Vanraj whether his thinking is equally backward. Kavya will say that only she did not love Vanraj alone but still every time the finger is pointed at her. Kavya will say that she is not wrong so she will not change. But Vanraj will have to change his thinking. If he does not change his mind then Kavya will ask him to take some decision. Baa will tell Vanraj that when husband and wife are not happy with each other, they start looking for their happiness outside.


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Maya in Anuj Anpuma's life
A parcel will come to Anupamaa's house and that parcel will be for Anu this parcel will have the same dress for Anu which would have been sold online. There will be a letter along with that dress which will tell that Maya has sent this dress and she is coming to meet her on Makar Sankranti. Anupamaa and Anuj will be very upset with this act Maya and they will decide that on Sankranti they will talk to her face to face. The festival of Makar Sankranti will start in the show. Anupamaa Anuj will go to an event to celebrate Makar Sankranti with her entire family. In the upcoming episode, you will see that Anupamaa's family and Shah's house will reach the same event. Baa will go there and insult Dimpy but Anupamaa will scold Baa for this. Once again, Baa will speak angrily about Anupamaa's family, and only then will Maya's entry take place.