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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anuj's chapter in Anupama's life ends! New twist in Rupali Ganguly's show

Anupama Upcoming Episode: A scene of devastation is about to prevail in Anupama's life. Till now she was feeling that Anuj was boycotting her due to his emotions. But now the mother will give heart-wrenching news to Anu.

The popular television show, Anupamaa, has captivated audiences with its latest plot twists and turns. Anupamaa, the main character of the show, has been going through a tough time as her exams have been particularly challenging. In one moment, her entire world seems to crumble around her. However, amidst this turmoil, Anupamaa has her mother to support her.

Anu's mother has recently entered the show, and she has been instrumental in helping her daughter through this difficult time. She has been working tirelessly to bring Anupamaa back to her former self, and in the upcoming episodes, she will be seen giving befitting answers to many people. Furthermore, she will help Anupamaa face the truth about her relationship with Anuj.

Kantaben showed her attitude to Vanraj's family

In an upcoming episode, Anu's mother will visit Vanraj's family. Everyone will be surprised to see her, and Baa will come forward to welcome her. However, Anupamaa's mother will put her hand forward in anger and tell Baa to leave it. She will then give a sharp reply to Baa, who will ask about Anupamaa and say that if she had come, she would have brought Anu along with her. Anupamaa's mother will say that Anupamaa is with her and will remain with her only, leaving everyone surprised.

Anupamaa's mother will then decide to go to Anuj for one last time to talk to him about his behavior towards Anupamaa. Anu will be waiting for her mother's return, hoping for good news. However, Anuj's attitude will be different, and he will clearly state that his chapter in Anupamaa's life is over. This revelation will leave Anupamaa heartbroken, but her mother will be there to support her.


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It is going to be interesting to see how Kantaben will save Anupamaa from this mountain of sorrow and help her face the truth about her relationship with Anuj. The upcoming episodes of Anupamaa are sure to be full of drama and emotion, as Anupamaa navigates the ups and downs of life with the support of her mother.