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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anupamaa is all alone looking for Anuj, Vanraj comes to hit the spot

Anupamaa Latest Episode: Anuj has left Anupamaa in the show. Whereas Anupamaa is now alone in that house. In such a situation, she thinks that there is neither Anuj nor Anu in this house, so this house is of no use to her.

The popular television show Anupamaa has taken a serious turn as Anupamaa is left all alone. Anuj has left her, and Maya has taken advantage of the situation to harm Anupamaa. As a result, Anupamaa feels like she doesn't belong in that house anymore and considers leaving. She remembers her past and thinks that the house isn't the same without Anuj and Anu. Anupamaa feels lost and wonders where to go next, now that Anuj has abandoned her.

In this situation, Anupamaa's family will be her support. In a new promo, it is shown that Anupamaa will be wandering on the street with her Saaman when someone puts a hand on her shoulder. Anupamaa turns to see Ba's familiar face, and tears fill her eyes. Ba will be the one to bring Anupamaa back home.

Vanraj is very happy due to the destruction of Anupama.

On the other hand, Vanraj seems happy about Anupamaa's misery, and this raises questions about his intentions. Bapuji shares Anupamaa's troubles with the family, and Vanraj expresses his satisfaction with Anupamaa's predicament. This hints at Vanraj's ulterior motives regarding Anupamaa.

Overall, the show's storyline has taken an intense turn, leaving viewers wondering about Anupamaa's future. It remains to be seen how Anupamaa's character will evolve and who will be her ultimate support system.