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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: The game of conspiracies started as soon as Anupamaa and Anuj separated

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the latest episode of the TV show 'Anupamaa', it will be shown that Anupamaa will make a new beginning amidst the neighbors' taunts. Anuj will yearn to talk to Anupamaa.

As the popular TV show 'Anupamaa' continues to take intriguing twists and turns, the latest episode has left viewers on the edge of their seats. Anupamaa and Anuj have separated, and this has caused many characters in the show to rejoice. Maya, Vanraj, and Barkha are elated with the separation and are determined to keep Anupamaa and Anuj from the meeting.

In the previous episode, Anupamaa had decided to start anew and thanked her family for their support. She remembered Anuj and the moments they shared. Meanwhile, Anuj also realized that Anupamaa missed him, and he decided to call her. However, Maya interrupted and claimed that Anupamaa was out on a school trip with their daughter.

Maya will claim rights to Anuj

Maya's behavior in the episode is questionable, as she starts establishing her rights over Anuj. She buys him new clothes, cleans his house, and even plans to take him out for dinner. She tells Anuj that she will manage all his things from now on, and he need not worry. This behavior hints at Maya's ulterior motives, and, likely, her intentions are not pure.

Jackpot in the hands of Vanraj

Vanraj, on the other hand, has finally gotten a job after a long time. He announces the news to his family, and everyone is delighted for him. However, Barkha has her plans and changes the map of the house. She claims that everything in the house is now hers and warns that she will not let it go from her hands at any cost. She also suggests that people will taunt Anupamaa if she leaves the house, implying that her reputation is at stake.


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The latest promo for the show reveals that Anupamaa will give a befitting reply to the neighbors' taunts. Her children will also give her a grand welcome at the dance academy, and Vanraj will secretly record her. When Anupamaa tries to call Maya to talk to her daughter, Maya makes excuses and hangs up when Anupamaa asks about Anuj. When Anuj asks her whose call it is, she lies, further hinting at her hidden agenda.

Overall, the latest episode of 'Anupamaa' has left viewers speculating about the future of the characters. Maya's intentions remain unclear, and Barkha's behavior is suspicious. The separation of Anupamaa and Anuj has caused a ripple effect in the lives of those around them. It remains to be seen how the story will unfold and whether Anupamaa and Anuj will reunite.