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Ayan Mukerji announces the release date of 'Brahmastra' Part 2-3, know when it will hit the theaters

Brahmastra Part 2-3: Finally the release date of both the sequels of 'The Brahmastra' franchise has been announced. Filmmaker Ayan Mukherjee has posted that both parts will be released nearby.

Filmmaker Ayan Mukherjee has finally announced the release dates for the highly anticipated sequels of the blockbuster film 'Brahmastra', which was released in 2022. The film, which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, was a massive success at the box office and left the audience eagerly waiting for its sequels.

Ayan shares the release date of 'Brahmastra' Part 2-3

In an Instagram post, Ayan shared that he is currently focusing on creating 'Brahmastra Part 2' and 'Brahmastra Part 3', which will be bigger and more ambitious than the first part. He also revealed that both movies will be released together, with 'Brahmastra Part Two: Dev' set to release in December 2026, followed by 'Brahmastra Part 3' in December 2027.

While there has been speculation about the casting details for the upcoming sequels, it has been confirmed that Ranbir Kapoor will reprise his role as Shiva in 'Brahmastra Part 2'. However, there is no confirmation yet about the casting of the character Dev, which has led to rumors that Ranveer Singh might be cast for the role.


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Ayan gave a hint of another big project

Apart from the 'Brahmastra' sequels, Ayan also hinted at another big project that he will be directing. Although he did not reveal any details about the project, he shared that it is a very special opportunity that excites him and challenges him, and he is looking forward to learning and growing through it.

Ayan's announcement has left the fans of 'Brahmastra' thrilled, and they cannot wait to see what the sequels have in store. The first part of the film left the audience with several unanswered questions, and the upcoming sequels are expected to provide the answers and take the story forward. With Ayan's vision and creativity, it is expected that the sequels will be even more spectacular and captivating than the first part and will leave a lasting impact on the audience.