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Bigg Boss 16: 'Snake, lousy person', fans angry at Sajid Khan for provoking MC Stan against Archana

Bigg Boss 16: The drama is going to be intense in the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss. Where Archana Gautam and MC Stan are face to face.

There is going to be a lot of uproar in the show hosted by Salman Khan. Archana Gautam and MC Stan are going to fight among the contestants of the show. The fight between MC Stan and Archana will spoil the atmosphere so much that Stan will decide to leave the show.

In this regard, MC Stan will damage the property of the house. He believes that he will take voluntary retirement from home. But after seeing his furious activity, Sajid Khan told him what was the need to break into the property of the house. Slap the person who has ruined his life and leave the show.

When Sajid teaches this, MC gets ready and plans to slap Archana Gautam to go out of the show. But Shiva comes to the rescue. He is trying to stop MC Stan not to do so.

Somewhere under the influence of Sajid Khan, MC Stan would have come and slapped Archana Gautam, and there would have been a big ruckus. Seeing the delicacy of the occasion, Bigg Boss handled the situation. Now the fans are also taking Sajid Khan's class to instigate MC Stan against Archana.

One social media user wrote: “MC Stan - Chal volunteer exit Leta hu. Sajid Khan - Why go and slap? These are the people of Bigg Boss 16 who had to find opportunities to raise their hands on a woman. Get both the cheap Stan and the great wretched person Sajid out of Bigg Boss." Meanwhile, another user tweeted, "Yeh Sajid Bhi Ek Jhapad Laga Dena, Sabse Bada Saap Hai, its own troupe doesn't understand how it is spoiling their game."