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Bigg Boss 16: There was no one else to stick to, Salman Khan taunted Tina Dutta.

Bigg Boss 16: In the Weekend Ka Vaar of the reality show 'Bigg Boss 16', Tina Dutta came under Salman Khan's target and the actor gave her a fierce class. At the same time, he lashed out at Shaleen Bhanot as well.

Every weekend ka Vaar of the controversial show 'Bigg Boss 16', one or the other contestant comes in the way of the host Salman Khan and he seems to have a lot of class. This week also there were a lot of uproars and some topics have become the subject of discussion, on which Salman Khan will be seen raining. This weekend's Ka Vaar will also feature Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot in Hot Topic, who did something similar at the New Year party last week, which grabbed everyone's attention.

In fact, last week, MC Stan's concert was held in the 'Bigg Boss' house for the New Year celebration. During this, Shaleen and Tina were seen getting romantic with each other. The surprising thing was that just minutes before romancing, both were very angry with each other and had fought a lot. In such a situation, not only the family members but also the audience was surprised by suddenly coming close to each other at the party.

Salman Khan took Tina's class

Now in Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will be seen giving classes to both of them. In the latest promo, Salman asks Tina Dutta, "Which game are you playing and with whom?" On Salman's question, Tina says that she does not pretend. Salman lashes out at her and says, “There is no stagnation in you. When she became weak, she went to him (Shalin), when she became strong, she came out. Jhagda ho gaya aur music baja aur yeh chal raha (Couple dance). There was no one else here fit to dance or stick to."


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Salman shows Archana the way out

Apart from Tina, Shaleen Bhanot's class is also going to start. Also, there was a lot of fighting between MC Stan and Archana Gautam in the past. In the latest promo, Salman also opened the way out for Archana. Also, she and Stan were seen reprimanding him a lot. It is clear that in this weekend's war, many contestants are going to get caught by Salman.