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Despite Kapil Sharma's superb acting, Zwigato fails to impress, read the review

Zwigato Review: Nandita Das's film 'Zwigato' has been released in theatres. Kapil and Shahana Goswami have done a great job in the film, although the film has not been able to leave the impact as expected.

The recent release of the film "Zwigato" featuring Kapil Sharma and directed by Nandita Das has left many disappointed. The film is about delivery boys and the challenges they face in their daily lives, especially during the pandemic. Although the film had great potential, it failed to live up to the expectations of the audience.


One of the positives of the film is the acting by Kapil Sharma, who portrays the role of a delivery boy with great conviction. His expressions and body language are on point, making the audience believe in his character. Shahana Goswami, who plays Kapil's wife, also gives a decent performance.

However, despite the good acting, the film's weak screenplay and direction let it down. The story is disjointed and lacks coherence, making it difficult for the audience to follow the plot. The film fails to generate any significant emotions or leave a lasting impact on the viewers. Some scenes attempt to convey the pain and struggles of the delivery boys, but even those do not leave a considerable impact.

Moreover, the film often feels like a documentary and becomes tedious to watch, leaving the audience feeling bored. Nandita Das, who is known for her exceptional directing skills, falls short this time. She fails to connect with the audience, and the screenplay of the film is a significant letdown. The film feels like it wanders around aimlessly, without any clear direction.

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In conclusion, while Kapil Sharma's acting in "Zwigato" is commendable, the film as a whole fails to impress. The weak screenplay and direction, coupled with a disjointed storyline, make it challenging for the audience to engage with the film. Despite its potential, "Zwigato" ultimately falls short and is unlikely to leave a lasting impression on the viewers.