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Jethalal became a roadblock for Tarak Mehta, increasing the difficulties of best friends.

In the TV show 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah', all the characters win the hearts of the audience in their own style. What to say about the comic timing of 'Jethalal'? His funny comedy audience likes it very much. However, Jethalal, who makes everyone laugh, is making his best friend Tarak Mehta cry these days. Jethalal is spoiling all the plans of his friend Tarak Mehta. He did the same once in a recent episode.

In the last episode, you must have seen how his boss overhears everything Tarak Mehta says while gossiping with Jethalal. Tarak Mehta climbs in the eyes of the boss and also threatens to expel him. However, when a deal is in store for Tarak Mehta (Sachin Shroff) to get a job and a trip to Europe, Jethalal stands in his way.

Tarak Mehta's shirt burnt because of Jethalal

Actually, it so happened that Tarak Mehta had to wear a yellow shirt only for the office. Taarak presses his shirt, but in the meantime, Jethalal arrives and Taarak forgets that he has kept his shirt to press while talking to him. Then his yellow shirt gets burnt and Tarak Mehta blames Jethalal for it. Then he asks for a yellow shirt from the neighbors and finally, he gets the shirt from Iyer's house.


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Jethalal increases the difficulties of Tarak Mehta

Everything is going well. Tarak Mehta leaves for the office and his wife Anjali feeds him curd sugar. As soon as Taarak Mehta is going out of the house to the office, Jethalal calls him from behind and tries to hug him while running, but Taarak Mehta falls on the ground, due to which Yellow shirt gets dirty. The shirt also got damaged. On the other hand, his boss gets a call and he says that whatever happens, he has to protect his yellow shirt.

Bapuji found the way

After this Jethalal's Bapuji asks Tarak Mehta to wear another shirt and goes to his office to convince the boss. He goes to the office and everyone is shocked to see Tarak Mehta in a shirt of some other color than yellow. Now it has to be seen what is the reaction of his boss on this.