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Malaika Arora made a big disclosure on her second marriage, said – 'I had thought about it but..'

Malaika Arora on Second Marriage: Malaika Arora is dating Arjun Kapoor these days. Recently, the actress has spoken openly about her second marriage. Know what the actress said......

Malaika Arora is a popular Bollywood actress known for her stunning looks, glamorous personality and her commitment to fitness. She has been in the news lately for her relationship with the much younger actor Arjun Kapoor, as well as her openness about the possibility of getting married again.

Thinking of remarrying - Malaika

In a recent interview with Brides magazine, Malaika revealed that she has thought about getting married again, but wants to keep things a surprise. She believes in love and understands the importance of nurturing a relationship, comparing it to a plant that needs to be watered to grow.

Malaika's views on relationships are refreshing in a world where people often take shortcuts and rush into commitments without truly understanding and appreciating each other. She emphasizes the importance of taking the time to build a strong foundation, and not letting the initial excitement and passion of a relationship fade away.

Malaika and Arjun have been dating for a long time and have been open about their love for each other on social media. Recently, Arjun shared his reaction to Malaika's new song 'Tera Hi Khayal' with Guru Randhawa, further cementing their relationship in the public eye.

Malaika's personal life may be in the spotlight, but she remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry for her dedication to fitness and her successful career as an actress and television personality. Her openness about her relationship and her willingness to speak honestly about her thoughts on love and commitment are admirable qualities that have earned her a loyal following among fans and admirers alike.

In conclusion, Malaika Arora's views on relationships are a reminder that true love takes time, effort, and dedication to grow and flourish. Her openness about the possibility of getting married again is a testament to her belief in love and her desire to find happiness with the right person. We wish her all the best in her personal and professional endeavors.