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Rakhi Sawant was seen offering Namaz wearing such clothes, people got angry, trolled badly

Rakhi Sawant Trolled For Doing Namaaz: Actress Rakhi Sawant shared a video on social media, in which she was seen performing Namaz. However, people trolled her badly.

Rakhi Sawant is a well-known name in the Indian entertainment industry. She is known for her bold and controversial statements and often finds herself in the limelight for various reasons. One such reason was her decision to change her religion for love.

In 2022, Rakhi fell in love with Adil Khan Durrani, a resident of Mysore, and the two got married in May of the same year. Rakhi, who was born a Hindu, changed her religion to Islam for her husband and also changed her name to Fatima. Even though the couple is now separated, Rakhi is still following all the rituals of Islam.

Rakhi is often seen wearing a hijab and offering Namaz, which she shares on social media. However, her recent video of offering Namaz has landed her in trouble, as people started trolling her for not following the basic rules of wearing full clothes while praying.

It is essential to note that Namaz is a sacred prayer in Islam and has a set of rules that need to be followed while offering it. One of the most important rules is to wear complete clothes and avoid revealing any body parts. This is done to maintain the sanctity of the prayer and to show respect to Allah.

People's anger erupted on Rakhi Sawant

People's reactions to Rakhi's video show the lack of understanding of the rules of Islam and the importance of modesty in prayer. It is important to note that anyone can follow any religion they choose, and it is not up to others to judge or dictate how they should practice their beliefs.


Why did Rakhi change religion?

In conclusion, Rakhi Sawant's decision to change her religion for love should be respected, and it is admirable that she is following all the rituals of Islam wholeheartedly. It is essential for people to understand and respect the rules and sanctity of all religions, rather than trolling and passing judgment on others.