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Salman Khan Advises Shehnaaz at 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan' Launch: Users React with Anger

Salman Khan's Advice to Shehnaaz Gill at 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan' Trailer Launch Sparks Outrage: Users Slam Salman for Hypocrisy - Full Story Inside

Salman Khan's latest film 'Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan' has been creating buzz among fans, and the recently released trailer has garnered over 7 million views in just 15 hours. However, during the trailer launch event, Salman Khan's advice to Shehnaaz Gill, who appeared in Bigg Boss 13, caused outrage among fans on social media.

At the grand trailer launch event in Mumbai, Salman Khan was seen in a playful mood, going shirtless and sharing details about his six-pack abs. He also talked about the love life of his co-stars. However, when he advised Shehnaaz Gill, fans were quick to express their anger.

Salman Khan Advises Shehnaaz

Salman Khan said to Shehnaaz Gill, "Shehnaaz, I want you to move on, because I feel like this and I notice all these things... that when I notice about myself, that's why I am more Doesn't want to say anything." This comment did not sit well with fans, who accused Salman Khan of using Shehnaaz Gill's trauma for promotion.

Fans took to social media to express their displeasure. Many users criticized Salman Khan for using Siddharth Shukla's name, Shehnaaz Gill's late boyfriend, for promotion. Some users also pointed out that Siddharth Shukla was a private person and would have never wanted his relationship to be discussed publicly. Fans also urged Salman Khan to practice what he preaches before advising others.

The backlash on social media reflects the disappointment of fans who feel that Salman Khan's comment was insensitive and inappropriate. They expressed their concern about using personal tragedies for promotional purposes and called out the hypocrisy in Salman Khan's advice.

Salman Khan's film 'Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan' is scheduled to release on 21 April 2023, coinciding with Eid. The film, which promises to be a masala entertainer with strong dialogues and action-packed scenes, features Pooja Hegde as the lead actress opposite Salman Khan for the first time. The film also stars renowned South actors Venkatesh and Jagapathi Babu in pivotal roles.

In conclusion, Salman Khan's advice to Shehnaaz Gill at the 'Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan' trailer launch has sparked controversy among fans, with many expressing their anger on social media. The incident highlights the importance of being sensitive when discussing personal matters at public events, and fans expect Salman Khan to practice what he preaches. With the film's release approaching, all eyes are on 'Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan' to see how it performs at the box office.