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Shehnaaz Gill sitting on a camel remembered her mother, the video is funny

Moon Rise Song: The latest video of actress Shehnaaz Gill has surfaced, in which she is seen sitting on a camel. This video is the BTS video of Shehnaaz and Guru Randhawa's upcoming song 'Moon Rice'.

Bigg Boss 13 fame Shehnaaz Gill is not dependent on any separate identity. In a very short time, Shehnaaz Gill has made a special place in the industry. Currently, Shehnaaz Gill is shooting for her upcoming song 'Moon Rise' with famous singer Guru Randhawa. Meanwhile, a BTS video of Shehnaaz has surfaced, in which Shehnaaz Gill is sitting on a camel and is seen screaming out of fear.

Shehnaaz remembered her mother on the set
 Shehnaaz Gill shared a BTS video of the upcoming Moon Rise song with singer Guru Randhawa on her official Instagram handle on Thursday night. In this Insta video of Shehnaaz, you can see that the actress is sitting on top of a camel in the desert. As long as the camel is sitting on the ground, everything is looking fine. But as soon as the camel stands up, Shehnaaz Gill's reaction changes at once.

Shehnaaz Gill starts screaming and shouting loudly. During this, words like Mummy and Amma of Shehnaaz can be easily heard. In the caption of this video, Shehnaaz Gill has written- Jaan hai to Jahan hai, I was scared. Now it can be easily guessed from this caption of Shehnaaz Gill that the condition of the actress worsened due to sitting on the camel.

video viral on social media

Due to this funny reaction of Shehnaaz Gill, this video of her is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Fans are fiercely liking and commenting on this funny video of Shehnaaz. Not only this, you will definitely laugh after watching this video. It may be known that earlier such funny videos of Shehnaaz Gill have become a topic of discussion on social media.