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Sonali Bendre reached Kapil's show and expressed her displeasure, upset with the 'Zwigato' actor.

Sony TV's popular comedy reality show The Kapil Sharma Show has been maintaining its popularity over the years. A promo related to the show has surfaced in which this week's guests are Sonali Bendre, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor.

The Kapil Sharma Show has become a household name in India since its inception. Hosted by the renowned comedian Kapil Sharma, the show has consistently managed to entertain the audience with its hilarious jokes and witty humor. The show attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, including celebrities from various fields.

Sonali got angry with Kapil

In a recent promo of the show, Sonali Bendre, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor appeared as guests. Kapil Sharma and the rest of the show's cast welcomed the trio with open arms. However, Sonali Bendre expressed her displeasure with Kapil Sharma for not inviting her earlier during the show. Kapil Sharma quickly responded with his trademark wit, saying that if he had known Sonali wanted to come on the show, he would have invited her long ago.

Kapil Sharma's quick wit and humor have won the hearts of many, including social media users who couldn't stop laughing at his response. Apart from hosting the show, Kapil Sharma is also a well-known actor who has acted in various films. His recent movie 'Zwigato' may not have done well at the box office, but his acting was widely appreciated.

The Kapil Sharma Show has become a favorite of every category of audience due to its entertainment quotient. The show's popularity is a testament to Kapil Sharma's comic timing and his ability to make people laugh. The show's guests, including Sonali Bendre, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor, have all praised the show's host and the entire cast for providing a platform that caters to people from all walks of life.