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The Last Coffee" movie will feature Ankita Lokhande and Shoaib Nikash Shah.

The film 'The Last Coffee' will star actors Ankita Lokhande and Shoaib Nikash Shah and will be produced by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Rahat Kazmi.

Shoaib Nikash Shah was last seen

Kazmi, who is known for his works 'Mantostaan' and 'Lihaaf', will also produce 'The Last Coffee'. Shoaib Nikash Shah was last seen in 'Lihaaf' and will also be appearing in 'Country of Blinds' alongside Hina Khan.

Rahat Kazmi spoke about 'The Last Coffee', saying that it is a story about two people, love and misunderstanding and that the cast of the film makes it even more special. He feels that Ankita and Shoib are the perfect fit for the script and having them in the film is a great achievement.

The trailer for 'The Last Coffee

The trailer for 'The Last Coffee' will be released tomorrow, and the filmmakers are eager to see the audience's reaction.

The film will be directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, who will also be the lead actor opposite Ankita Lokhande, and will be distributed by Zee 5 studios.


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Raj Kushwaha will co-produce the film alongside Rahat Kazmi. After 'The Last Coffee', Kazmi has several more films in the works, with five of them being produced by popular studios, as he has recently signed a five-film deal with them.