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Vanraj and Maya's Conspiracies Succeed, Anuj and Anupamaa's Life Takes a Drastic Turn

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: The track of Anuj and Anupamaa is going on these days in 'Anupamaa'. After the separation of both, their own have come down to betraying them, due to which their life has become even more difficult.

The popular TV show "Anupamaa," starring Rupali Ganguly, has been filled with twists and turns as Vanraj and Maya continue to create hurdles in Anuj and Anupamaa's relationship. In the recent episodes, Vanraj poisons Anuj's mind against Anupamaa, leading to misunderstandings and heartbreak.

Anuj Kapadia, at the request of younger Anu, goes shopping with Maya to buy a saree for Anupamaa. However, Vanraj interrupts and asks Anuj to stay away from Anupamaa, creating tension between them. In another plotline, Dimpy shows her true colors as she asserts her rights over the dance academy, wanting to run it only with Samar. Anupamaa, devastated by Dimpy's actions, decides to leave the academy and hands over the keys to Samar and Dimpy, stating that she is broken but not shattered.

Vanraj poisoned Anuj's mind

Vanraj, in his persistent efforts to separate Anupamaa and Anuj, poisons Anuj's mind by claiming that Anupamaa had a one-sided love for him for 26 years, while he remained married to her. Anuj is shocked to see Anupamaa's happiness and bonding with her children, which contradicts Vanraj's claims. Maya, seizing the opportunity, adds fuel to the fire by telling Anuj that Anupamaa cannot move on so quickly and that there must be some misunderstanding. Anuj, agitated and hurt, shouts at Maya to leave him alone. Maya, pleased with the outcome, leaves with a smirk, as Vanraj's manipulations sow seeds of hatred in Anuj's mind.


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Despite Vanraj's attempts, Anupamaa decides to move forward and start a new dance academy. Vanraj, trying to win Anupamaa back, brings the same saree that Anuj had bought for her and offers it to her, but she refuses. Vanraj then reveals that he met Anuj in Mumbai and implies that Anuj was shopping with Maya, leaving Anupamaa shocked. Vanraj and Maya's scheme to separate Anupamaa and Anuj seems to be taking effect, and the future of their relationship remains uncertain.

In conclusion, "Anupamaa" has been a rollercoaster of emotions as Vanraj's manipulations and Anuj's misunderstandings create obstacles in Anupamaa's life. Despite the challenges, Anupamaa is determined to move forward and start afresh. Will Anuj realize the truth and clear the misunderstandings? How will Anupamaa's new dance academy fare? Viewers eagerly await the next episodes to see how the story unfolds.