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Varun Dhawan's Birthday: The Girl Who Rejected Him Four Times Ended Up Being His Partner - Here's How!

Varun Dhawan: Varun Dhawan, who won the hearts of beauties in-jokes on the film screen, found Natasha's love after repeated attempts in real life. We are telling you the love story of Varun Dhawan.

Varun Dhawan, the Bollywood heartthrob who made his debut as the 'Student of the Year', has captivated audiences with his on-screen performances. From being called 'Tu Mera Hero' by his female fans to becoming a household name, Varun's journey to stardom has been remarkable. However, amidst all the limelight, Varun's heart belonged to his childhood friend Natasha Dalal. On the occasion of Varun's birthday, let's take a closer look at how Natasha entered his life and their love story that culminated in a beautiful marriage.

Childhood Friends Turned Sweethearts:

Born on April 24, 1987, Varun Dhawan grew up in a renowned Bollywood family as the son of producer-director David Dhawan. Little did he know that his heart would eventually belong to his childhood friend Natasha Dalal. Varun and Natasha first met during their school days and studied together till class 12th. They became close friends, and little did Varun realize that his feelings for Natasha were more than just friendship.

Love Blossoms on the Basketball Court:

Varun and Natasha's friendship took a new turn when they played basketball together in school. Varun, who considered Natasha his best friend, realized that he had fallen in love with her during one of their matches. Overwhelmed with emotions, Varun decided to express his feelings to Natasha without delay. However, convincing Natasha was not easy, as she rejected his proposal four times. But Varun's determination and courage never wavered, and he didn't give up on his love.


Persistence Pays Off:

Varun's relentless pursuit of Natasha finally bore fruit when she agreed to be his girlfriend after his fifth proposal. Despite facing rejection multiple times, Varun's unwavering love for Natasha and his never-give-up attitude won her heart. The couple began dating and spent quality time getting to know each other. Varun and Natasha's love grew stronger with time, and they shared a special bond that was evident to everyone around them.


The Road to Marriage:

After enjoying a beautiful journey as girlfriend and boyfriend, Varun and Natasha took their relationship to the next level. They tied the knot on January 24, 2021, in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family. Varun and Natasha's wedding was a grand affair, and they took seven vows to begin a new chapter in their lives as a married couple.


Varun Dhawan's love story with Natasha Dalal is a perfect example of childhood friends turned sweethearts. Despite facing challenges and rejections, Varun's love for Natasha remained unwavering, and he never gave up on his feelings. Their beautiful journey from being friends to falling in love and eventually getting married is a testament to their strong bond and commitment to each other. Varun and Natasha's love story is nothing short of a fairytale, and they continue to inspire others with their love and togetherness. Wishing this beautiful couple happiness and love!