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Wearing a burqa, Rakhi Sawant had an Iftar party with friends

Rakhi Sawant Video The month of Ramadan has started. In such a situation, now Rakhi Sawant has also kept a fast. A glimpse of it is also going viral on social media. However, he is also being trolled a lot on social media.

Rakhi Sawant Video: Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has been in a lot of discussion about her personal life for the past few days. Last year, everyone was surprised by secretly marrying Adil Khan Durrani.

Rakhi Sawant

Not only this, Rakhi had converted to Islam after marrying Adil and changed her name from Rakhi to Fatima. In such a situation, now the actress is fasting in the month of Ramadan, a glimpse of which also went viral on social media.

Rakhi Sawant celebrated Iftar party with friends by wearing a burqa

Rakhi Sawant had already said that even if Adil misbehaves with her, she will definitely keep the fast. Meanwhile, a video of the actress has surfaced, in which she broke her fast at an Iftar party, where her friends also attended. In the viral video, Rakhi was seen wearing a burqa and holding the niqab in her hand, but the niqab falls down from her hands.


In this video, Rakhi is seen sitting on the ground. His friend is also seen with him. Before breaking the fast, Rakhi worshiped Allah along with her friends and broke her fast with dates. However, he is also being trolled a lot on social media.


One user wrote, 'No matter how much gimmicks you get them to do, they never get satisfied. Another wrote, 'She is sometimes a Hindu. Sometimes Christian and sometimes Muslim. One wrote, 'I think you do not respect the mask, so nothing will be done by doing all this drama. You will not get blessings.

Recently, a video of Rakhi surfaced in which she said, "I was like a good wife to him, but he ruined my life. I shouldn't have loved him so much. I want Adil to get bail." Go, but the charges against him are very serious. I want to send a message to him through the media. Adil, if you get bail, don't spoil someone else's life now. I will never come back to you.